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Diversified Supply

STS offers a complementary—not competitive—solution

Secure Transfusion Solutions (STS) is committed to supporting the invaluable role that non-profit (NFP) blood centers play in sustaining the nation’s blood supply by providing a supplemental source of platelets from donors that do not typically volunteer to donate at NFP centers.

Whether you run a large or small hospital based blood bank, our team has extensive experience reviewing current contracts and advising institutions of their options for adding a safe, consistent supply of platelets.

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Providing enhanced availability and reliability of apheresis platelets from a diverse, younger donor population.


Offering 100% pathogen-reduced inventory compliant with all US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and AABB standards


Expanding our national footprint for fast, on-demand deliveries


Building on a successful and proven path to platelet donations
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Federal mandates may constrain platelet availability even more4

The safety of platelet transfusions is critical, and the recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandate requires bacterial risk mitigation strategies such as large volume delayed sampling or pathogen reduction. Processing requirements associated with these bacterial risk mitigation strategies may further erode the platelet supply.

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