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Enhanced Safety

STS uses PRT to ensure patient safety

illuminator enhanced safety

Secure Transfusion Solutions (STS) is the only commercial blood collection enterprise that makes 100% use of pathogen-reduction technology (PRT), a system approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that minimizes the risk of bacterial and viral contamination in platelet collections.

Use of PRT eliminates the need for irradiation and provides potential protection against emerging pathogens. Our goal at STS is to be a trusted, reliable and safe source of platelets for hospitals as they deliver life-saving care to patients.

Read the data that show that PRT reduces pathogens in blood transfusions.

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Federal mandates may constrain platelet availability even more4

The safety of platelet transfusions is critical, and the recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandate requires bacterial risk mitigation strategies such as large volume delayed sampling or pathogen reduction. Processing requirements associated with these bacterial risk mitigation strategies may further erode the platelet supply.

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